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What is the Hearing Aid Fitting Process?

A hearing instrument specialist is fitting a patient with hearing aids.

If you have recently had your hearing tested, you might have been diagnosed with some form of hearing loss. One of the first things to be aware of is that hearing loss is remarkably common and is not just an issue that impacts the aging or elderly. You can actually develop hearing loss at any age for a wide variety of reasons. However, hearing loss caused by loud noise exposure is becoming more common than it was in past years.  

When you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, you will need to consider treatment options. The most common treatment possibility is provided by a hearing instrument specialist in the form of hearing aids. Hearing aids ensure that a person with hearing loss can gain the best quality of life possible. It can improve your ability to hear a great deal and ensure that you can communicate more effectively too. 

The first step to getting hearing aids will be a hearing test. This will tell you the level of hearing loss and the extent of the damage. A hearing test will usually involve you listening to sound and words at different pitches and volumes. You will then be asked to click a button when you hear certain noises.

This will produce an audiogram which your hearing instrument specialist can explain to you. Next, comes the hearing aid fitting process. There are a few steps to proceed through here. 

Choosing your hearing aids

The first step is to choose the type of hearing aid you want. A lot of people think that all hearing aids are the same. This just isn’t the case at all. There are a variety of different options on the market depending on your needs and requirements. The main variation here is going to be the level of tech you want. Advanced hearing aids come with a significant level of tech including noise masking and Bluetooth support. Your hearing instrument specialist will help you determine the right option for your needs. This will be entirely based on your individual lifestyle. 

Molding your hearing aids

It’s vital that your hearing aids fit your ears perfectly. It’s important to note that not all ears are exactly the same. Typically, there will be plenty of distinct differences with the shape and size of your ears compared with someone else’s. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the mold of the hearing aid is the right size and shape to provide the perfect fit.  

Your hearing instrument specialist will take a mold of your ear. The whole process can take about five minutes. When the mold is complete and you have chosen the right hearing aids for you, they will be sent off to be designed. They can typically be delivered in a matter of weeks. However, it’s also possible that your hearing instrument specialist will provide you with temporary hearing aids during this time. 

Sound test

The next stage is always going to be a sound test. A sound test is used to check the soft and loud sounds on your eardrum. This is about making sure that your hearing aids are set up the right way. This is done by placing a thin tube in your ear close to your eardrum. The whole process is completely painless with minimum levels of discomfort.

Once this stage is complete, the hearing aid is fitted within the ear canal as well as the tube. Amplification of sounds is then checked a second time, at this stage with the hearing aids in use. Again, the settings will be adjusted accordingly to ensure that they are providing the absolute best level of support. 

It’s at this stage that a hearing instrument specialist will also check if your hearing aids are comfortable. Remember, these devices are going to be a significant aspect of your life. It’s crucial that they feel like a natural part of your ear. They shouldn’t irritate or hurt your ears in any way. If they do, they may need to be reformed to provide a better fit. 

This is also your chance to ask any questions about the device. Hearing aids are quite complex devices so it’s worth getting a good feel for them and understanding how they operate. 

We hope this helps you understand what to expect from your hearing aid fitting. If you want to learn more about The Hearing House, make sure you contact 715-384-4700. Here, you’ll gain a wealth of support and advice to ensure that you get the biggest benefits from your hearing aids.