Patient Testimonials

"Highly recommend Todd. I've been elsewhere and it doesn't compare. Todd carries hearing aids from numerous companies, not just a few. I found him to be very knowledgeable, helpful and service-oriented. I cannot believe the vast improvement over my previous hearing aid! Thanks, Todd!"

Anonymous, 1-17-2019


Wow! What a big difference in my hearing and your hearing aids did the trick! I was on my way to being deaf, but thanks to Todd and Karen, I really hear good now. Sounds I never heard before are now clear as a bell. Thanks so much!

Shirley Mattheisen, Marshfield


" My new hearing aids gave me my life back! They have been wonderful right from the start

Teresa Lindemann, Neillsville


"After wearing hearing aids for 20 years, I know that service is everything. I stopped at The Hearing House to ask some questions and after talking to Todd and Karen, seeing the equipment and getting my answers, I knew I was in the right place. My new hearing aids are great and so is the service!"

Dick DeJarlais, Marshfield


"I bought my hearing aids in 2008. I went back several times trying to get them adjusted right. The aids just didn't do what I thought they should. Then I went to The Hearing House…and what a difference! He was able to adjust my hearing aids! Todd and Karen are tops in my book! I've heard people say that hearing aids don't work, well, Todd knows how to make them work!"

– David Lingford, Auburndale


"I put off hearing better for a long time. I had my hearing tested a couple of times but nothing compared to the hearing test at The Hearing House. Extremely professional and thorough, yet relaxed and friendly. I wear my new aid all of the time. I should have invested in one a long time ago!"

Shawn Schuster, Marshfield